Hello, my name is Peter Bishop. I have been dealing in rare and hard-to-find toys and collectibles for the past 15 years.

I have a small shop in Harrogate, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, but now I am throwing my doors open to the world wide web by putting my wares on the line.

My young nephew (who knows about these things) says that I have to get ‘with it’ and offered to create a webshop for customers to browse and buy, so here it is!

Happy hunting.

Peter's Picks

I’m forever getting new and interesting stock from Toy Fairs, house clearances and car boots (by which I mean car boot sales, not just taking it from people’s boots – although such underhand behaviour has been known in this business. A certain colleague of mine who operates out of Selby (The Toy Hutch) has previous and is NOT to be trusted). Here is the pick of my current stock:

Original Mousetrap

This is a lovingly recreated set of all the pieces from the ORIGINAL 1963 game from Ideal. Over the years I have been offered many incomplete sets and have redirected the chancers who bring them in to the nearest Sue Ryder.

However, sitting in the bath one night listening to Nightwaves on Radio 3 (they were interviewing Michael Rosen who is one of my fave authors), I suddenly had a brainstorm: take the incomplete sets (knock them down to under £4) and sift through the pieces until I have a complete game!

There are dealers in the Baltic countries who will snap your arm off for a full original, boxed. The piece that’s always missing is the bathtub. Very often little sisters take these for doll’s houses. When one fetched up recently in Keighley I was over the moon and am now able to offer this full game at £195 (ONO).

Simpsons Chess Set

Released by Fox Games in America to tie in with the launch of the characters in 1989, this is a rare collector’s item and a must for any fans of America’s first yellow family. Near perfect condition.

Set includes 15 Maggie pawns; 2 Marge queens (one with slightly chipped blue hair); 2 Homer kings; 4 Krusty rooks; 4 Bart knights; 3 Lisa bishops.

Please note that as all the pieces are yellow, it can make gameplay difficult if you don’t keep track of your pieces. Keep a pen and paper handy and you’re away.

Beware of the later edition (which came in a tin. A tin! I’ve never once touched anything that came in a tin, I learned my lesson in Hamburg in the 70s...) A MUST for any fan: price on request. I urge someone to buy this. Please.

Play School Collection

This is a gem. These were released as individual items, but never before – to my knowledge – have they been sold as a collection.

We have Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima, (an “empty headed bimbette”, according to Fred Harris), Humpty, and Hamble.

Now, a word about Hamble. As Hamble was the most hated of the Play School toys, by the presenters as much as the children, she is in a state of disrepair. Her skin was always mucky – I can’t do anything about that. Similarly the hair looks like it’s been pulled out of a fire and patted out.

In addition to this there is a small puncture in her bottom area, and pubic hairs have been roughly drawn on in blue biro. These could possibly be washed off but would leave deep grooves, as whoever did it used some force.

The hole is said to have come from a wooden knitting needle pushed up by Chloe Ashcroft, who became frustrated that Hamble would not sit up straight one day, and skewered her through to resolve the problem.

In light of the fact there are now only two Hambles exisiting in Great Britain (this one and another owned by a lady in Chester), I am asking that people do not make offers lower than £2000.

For serious offers I can throw in a “Poppy” – Hamble’s 1980s black replacement, very good condition. Pube free.

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